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Fibr Film Production

Fibr Film Production

Full Service Production Company: TV commercials, Documentary Films, Corporate and Training Video, Internet Projects.
Derbenevskaya emb, 7 bld 14
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"Fibr Film" is a full-service production company based in Moscow. We have been working in film, TV commercials, music, corporate and training videos, Internet projects for more than 15 years. Our resources allow to undertake different and complicated projects within a short time. We have two editing studios, two sound recording studios, CG and WEB studios in our disposal.

"Fibr Film Production" has shot commercials on five continents (hasn’t done it in Antarctica yet). We have high-end technical equipment and top professionals. We have achieved many years' experience and haven't lost the enthusiasm. We can produce projects of any scale in-house with great care and we have strong business relationships with leading studios worldwide at the same time.
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