OSG Records Management annual International Management Meeting

On September 29-30, the International OSG Records Management Meeting was held in Warsaw, Poland. It has followed the Joint European PRISM Regional Conference that had been held in Athens, Greece on September 27-29, 2010.

PRISM (Professional Records and Information Services Management) International is global in scope and serves members in more than 60 countries around the world. OSG Records Management, being a member of PRISM took part in the annual European PRISM conference in Athens. The latest important achievements in the field of data management and protection were discussed.

The International OSG Records Management Meeting in Warsaw gathered the TOP-management of OSG Group from Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

“Our management meeting in Warsaw followed successful participation of OSG Records Management in annual European PRISM conference. Intensive discussions during the PRISM conference have helped us to realize the potential of OSG Records Management even more. We have up-to-date technologies, excellent reputation, and skillful team. We are indisputable leaders in the very promising markets and such an excellent combination of factors gives us great opportunities for growth and expansion.” – concluded Mikhail Betin, the Head of OSG Records Management Kazakhstan.

Working out the general OSG Records Management Group development strategy for 2011 and long-term planning for the next 3 years became the main aim of the meeting. Also as well as earlier, the primary mission of OSG was claimed as professional rendering of services in data storage. Moreover, the company would be aimed now for optimization of business processes. The unique concept of Three Archives (i-Achieve, e-Achieve, IT-Achieve) - the OSG know-how has been created and worked out to provide more than 2 000 clients all over Europe and Asia with the highest quality of paper and electronic records management.

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