Davos - Cold or Hot?

World Forum "Communication on Top" in Davos (Switzerland), 9-10 February 2012

Davos – Cold or Hot?
Check out on 9-10 February, 2012!

- Prepare for a heated debate on who to run Employee Comms - HR or PR, with Paul Holmes, a seasoned PR and communications professional, founder of The Holmes Report and the SABRE awards, and an indisputable authority worldwide.
-Join the round table on communicating scientific breakthrough with James Gillies, head of communications at CERN, as moderator.
-Come to hear Daniel Holtgen’s solutions to the growing awareness of today’s need for online privacy, an issue recently tackled at the Communications Department in the Council of Europe.
-Learn from Gary Grates, a leading PR consultancy’s top manager and experienced practitioner.
-Use insight shared by Garrett Johnston, a top marketing expert who has worked on 5 continents.

Communications have already become global and distinguish no sharp differences between corporate, public, marketing, financial, or political. Today’s new generation of “digital natives” possess a different perception of reality, genuineness, and borders – these are the people, for whom publicity is just a part of their true selves, the current and future employees, consumers, electors…

The 3rd edition of World Communication Forum in Davos - “Communication on Top” aims at offering a highly professional approach in discussions on trends, tendencies, issues-solving, and best practices in harnessing the power of online interactions – provided by experts capable enough to foresee the next step in communications development and teach you how to gain advantage in crisis. Forum topics 2012 will try to cover:
Privacy vs. Publicity
On/off-line reputation
New challenges to PR consultancies
Territorial reputation and branding
Virtual vs face-to-face communication in PR and marketing
Who’s responsible for Chief Communication Officers’ mistakes?
Innovations - how to promote what isn’t there yet?
Interaction in virtual economics – social media games, Second Life, Online IPO
Comms associations’ mission today – form a professional community or to engage socially?
... and more.
Check the event's structure and suggested topics at http://www.forumdavos.com/programme
Among the luminaries of the International Forum Committee who should take part in Forum 2012 are:
Gary Grates, Global Managing Director of EDELMAN Change and Employee Engagement
Lorena Carreño Díaz, President of the Mexican Association of PR Professionals (PRORP)
Maxim Behar, CEO of the Bulgarian M3 Communications Group Inc.
Mohamed Al Ayed, Founder and CEO of Trans-Arabian Creative Comms Services (TRACCS)
Philippe Borremans, Chief Social Media Officer at Van Marcke Group
Roland Binz, Vice president of the Swiss Crisis Communication Association
Thomas Missong, President of the European Association of Credit Rating Agencies (EACRA)
Yannis Freris, Head of Corporate Comms & Sustainable Development at GEFYRA S.A.
… and many other skilled communicators: http://www.forumdavos.com/committee

The 1st and 2nd Forum summoned over 150 participants from 30 countries across 5 continentsis. Get a feeling of the Davos spirit: http://www.forumdavos.com/events; take a glimpse of how social and economic progress is defined, global visions are set and successful negotiations become a fact, ruled by transparency and openness: www.youtube.com/user/forumdavoscom; picasaweb.google.com/CommunicationOnTop
Third World Communication forum in Davos - “Communication on Top” summons again all professionals from the communication industry, people, who realize that their deeper understanding of the rapidly changing digital world, as well as their networking with renowned leaders in the communication sphere, will become a future competitive advantage!
Equip yourself with successful strategies: Davos Congress Centre, Switzerland, 9-10 Feb, 2012!
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