Quality monitoring of flavorings-essential for great tasting food

The new LiquiPhysics Excellence density meters and refractometers monitor the production of food flavorings, from the raw product right up to the final flavor. The devices measure key parameters such as specific weight, refractive index and pH value in one fully automated process. The measuring system can also be integrated seamlessly into an ERP system.

Various samples–several parameters
During quality monitoring of raw materials, intermediate and finished products for food flavorings, it is essential that the specific weight, refractive index and pH value are accurately determined. In addition, the color of the samples often has to be determined. These measurements are used for identity verification. They ensure that the correct raw materials have been used and that the correct product has been manufactured.

Most samples require the determination of several parameters. Therefore, it makes sense automate the process and determine all parameters in a single process. A vast range of different flavorings are used in the food industry, which means that flavoring manufacturers have to work with a large number of samples. In order to handle the flow of samples and results efficiently and reliably, sample changers are usually used, whereby the measurement results are transferred directly to ERP systems such as SAP. Measuring systems in which a computer controls several measuring devices from different manufacturers in addition to an autosampler have been used for several years to record and export results. Such solutions are usually developed at the customer's request and can therefore be very expensive.

LiquiPhysics–fully automatic–flexible–compact
METTLER TOLEDO designed the new LiquiPhysics Excellence density meters and refractometers with the strict requirements involved in the quality monitoring of flavorings in mind. They enable measuring devices to directly control external density oscillation and refractive index cells as well as METTLER TOLEDO SevenEasy pH meters without the need for a computer. If the color also needs to be determined, a Lovibond PFX colorimeter from Tintometer can even be connected directly to the devices. Depending on the number of samples, the LiquiPhysics Excellence measuring devices can be operated by powerful automation units to measure either individual samples or sample series. If bar codes are used for entering sample data, these can be read with a handheld scanner or automatically on the sample changer itself.

LabX2010–Seamless integration into SAP
The LabX 2010 laboratory software enables the LiquiPhysics Excellence measuring systems to be integrated seamlessly into ERP systems. For operators of the measuring system there is only one minor difference. In contrast to conventional solutions, the measuring system is not operated on a PC: With LiquiPhysics Excellence, the PC is remote controlled via the measuring device. This allows the measurement of sample series to be started directly on the user-friendly touchscreen of the device. The PC does not have to be located in the direct vicinity of the measuring system - LabX 2010 performs the import of sample lists and data exports discretely in the background.